Hello and welcome! You’ve stumbled upon the fledgling version of this guide for anyone eager to start a blog to support a fulfilling hobby or thriving business.

The contents of this site are still underway, but regular additions are incoming. I have a lengthy list of posts with advice and insight so you can create the best blog possible!

For now, here’s a bit about me:

As a child, I was always creating something from whatever resources I could find. Sometimes, all I needed was the tools to jot down the ideas crowding my brain. I wrote stories, printed zines, and drew illustrations. The internet wasn’t commonplace yet, so sharing these creations mainly involved family, friends, and occasionally local communities.

I was eager to explore new opportunities for sharing my work when the online world spun up. I’ve been making websites for a long time (and sometimes still miss Geocities)! With the arrival of blogging platforms, I immediately latched onto the thrilling potential for my project databases. Being able to customize a theme, apply it to every page, and then update them all at once was a game changer for someone with hundreds of HTML pages to maintain!

Since then, blogs like WordPress have provided so much more customization than I ever imagined possible and content writing has become an art unto itself. I’m excited to delve into this web project and teach you how to establish your corner of the internet where you can also share what most delights you.